Resilience - 25% donated to cancer research

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"Resilience" is by Canberra photographer Gemma Hoyle and is proudly offered for sale on my website in a limited edition print.

25% of sales will be donated to Love Your Sister to vanquish cancer! So far we made actual donations of $1,050.00 to Love Your Sister!

Resilience is an image inspired by Gemma's personal experience of cancer. Representing the devastation of a cancer diagnosis, the long road of treatment to recovery, and the regrowth and new life that a cancer story can represent. We acknowledge that not everyone's cancer journey ends in remission, and our hearts and thoughts are with the friends and families of those who are no longer with us, which is why it is so important to Gemma that we support scientific research into finding cures.

Even though Resilience represents Gemma's story, she feels it will resonate with anyone that has had to bravely face their fears and persevere. You may also like to gift it to someone who you feel has demonstrated great strength and resilience. Someone who is forever changed, but continues to thrive.

Resilience is a limited edition of 50 prints that will be hand signed and numbered by Gemma

Resilience was captured by Gemma in Monga National Park between Braidwood and Batemans Bay. The national park was devastated, along with great swathes of Australia's bushland, in the terrible bushfires of summer 2019-2020. It is forever changed, but continues to thrive.