Photography Tips

How to clean a camera sensor safely at home

Posted by Glenn Martin Photography on 3rd Aug 2023

If you've ever wondered can you clean your camera sensor yourself - you can! It's not that hard, although of course it's a little nerve wracking the first time you do it In this video I go through … read more

How to photograph fireworks

Posted by Glenn Martin Photography on 29th Dec 2022

I've done an update on my seven tips for how to photograph fireworks - in video form! Learn how to set your camera up to photograph fireworks for great results.Make sure to check out more of my videos … read more

How to use a polarising filter for waterfalls

Posted by Glenn Martin Photography on 1st Sep 2022

In this very short video I show you how you can beautifully enhance your flowing water based photography by using a polarising filter. I hope you enjoy and if you do I would love it if you hit the Lik … read more